Monday, 22 July 2013

MUA Lipstick

. // MUA Nectar
. // MUA Shade 13
. // MUA Juicy
All available from MUA Make Up Academy 

I absolutely love lipstick! So when I discovered MUA Make Up Academy's lipsticks retailing at just £1 each I couldn't believe my eyes! A lipstick this cheap, how could this be? So lets find out how great I actually think they are!..

After buying my Glamour Nights eye palette by MUA for just over a a month now and being so impressed with it, I decided it was time to invest in more of their products! So, what better product to buy than a good lipstick, or 3! 

I bought 3 different shades from the MUA lipstick collection; Nectar, Juicy, and Shade 13 on my recent trip. (I'm not sure why 2 of the colours have specific names and the other is called shade 13 - I think all of the lipsticks should have their own unique name) Nectar has lived in my handbag since I bought it, yet I love the other 2 shades just as much! All of the lipsticks are highly pigmented and have an incredible matte finish that sits beautifully on the lips without making your lips feel dry and rough and they smell delicious too! I must admit, my favourite thing about these lipsticks is the hidden lipgloss under the lipstick which in a matching shade! I think it's a fantastic idea, I have been using it either over the top of the lipstick for a less matte look, or under the lipstick as a primer. Both ways really do help maintain the colour all day - the longevity is amazing! Apart from being a fantastic lipstick, they also make a great creme blusher when dabbed on to the cheeks and blended in with your finger!

The packaging looks very professional considering the small price tag. I think the black gloss plastic with the silver lettering looks so sleek and classy! The only small problem is that the black plastic casing scratches really easily, but then again all lipstick cases usually do when kept in a makeup bag, so this isn't too much of a problem for me! 

The only drawback to MUA lipstick is that they only stock 16 shades! How amazing would it be if MUA could double this number to 32 amazing colours?! Please bring out more! :)

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What do you think of MUA lipstick? Which is your favourite shade?


  1. Three gorgeous shades, I'm pretty sure I have juicy, although it was just Shade 16, I think, at the time I bought it!
    I love the little heart swatches, I may borrow that idea for future posts if you wouldn't mind? So, so cute!
    The shades all look so lovely on you too, and 32 would be amazing, but can you imagine 64?! WOWIE!
    Hope you're well and hope to speak soon,
    Your newest follower,
    Laura xx

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Laura! Yes, you probably will have juicy - MUA decided to change the numbers to names on some of the lipsticks which I must say, I prefer! Aww I'm glad you liked the little heart swatches, I wanted to do something unique instead of just skin swatches so went with little hearts. I wouldn't mind you using this idea, I would appreciate it if you would credit me in your blog somewhere with it! :) MUA with 64 lipstick shades would be out of this world!! :D

      I have also given your blog a follow, it's lovely! Thank you again for such a nice comment!

      Hopefully speak soon, Jess x

  2. wow! you take such lovely photos! i love the heart swatches! :) x

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment Libby, it means a lot! I'm looking forward to reading more posts on your lovely blog :) x

  3. I want to try these so badly. I can't go shopping and leave with out buying a lipstick. i'm literally addicted. The heart rating idea was so cute and really effective :)
    I love the look of shade 13, They all lovely on you though :) and what a bargain for only £1! how can you say no? I'm glad they have a matte finish since i'm not one for glossy lips.
    really love post :) its fab!
    Sam X

    1. I love lipstick too, in all different shades from bright pink to dark purple. I'm really glad you liked the heart ratings and think they work well, I thought I would try something a little different :) All of the ones in the review are my go-to lipsticks at the minute as they really are fantastic, especially for the price - you should definitely try them out for yourself! Thank you for your lovely post Sam! :) x