Thursday, 4 July 2013

Gotham City

D R E S S. // H&M
B E L T. // Primark
B A G. // Topshop (similar)
S H O E S. // Miista
N E C K L A C E. // Thomas Sabo
R I N G . // Thomas Sabo
B R A C E L E T. // Thomas Sabo
C H A R M. // Thomas Sabo
W A T C H. // Thomas Sabo

Firstly, I'm sorry for not blogging over the last few days! This week I am working full time so it's been a little hectic, but I'm back now!

I decided to move away from bright and wonderful colours for this outfit, and instead I'm wearing the deepest, darkest shade on the colour spectrum, black. This dress is the first ever maxi dress I've owned! I've never thought about wearing one because I've always felt as though I am too small to wear one, what with me being only 5ft2, but after seeing so many petite girls being able to pull off wearing the lovely 'maxi dress' I thought why not?! I absolutely love this H&M black maxi dress with the quirky split in the side, and for £7.99 how could I complain?! The dress comes in two other colours too: light grey and khaki green, and of course black.

Along with the outfit I wore my all time favourite heels (so far) from a company called Miista. They are the Brielle Black wedge heels, and although I bought these shoes 18 months ago Miista still sell them, and better yet they're half price!! Miista are hands down one of my favourite shoe designers out there at the moment and if I could own every pair of their amazing shoes, I would! The Brielle's in particular are an incredible shoe, they are futuristic, quirky and cool, my favourite thing about them is the metal plates on the back of the wedge along with the contrasting electric blue laces!


  1. This is definitely my favourite look! Black all the way :)
    I'm also giving your blog a follow! It's wonderful

  2. Aww thank you! I do love wearing black, such an easy colour to dress up or dress down :)
    Thank you so much for the follow! I have also gave your blog a follow. I love it!